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Lizard Brains

The human brain has three layers. The layer called the limbic system is in charge of making sure that we avoid danger and survive.

The limbic system is also known as our lizard brain. It’s in charge of making the decisions for our bodies in regards to, “ ght, ight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication.”

Hey, hey! ; )

It doesn’t want us to do anything that could jeopardize our survival. Whether that’s dying or simply burning an unnecessary amount of calories that could lead to dying.

Seems pretty extreme, I know.

But we have to remember that the human brain is millions of years old and still harbors all of the animalistic and survivalist instincts that we needed as hunters and gatherers.

Believe it or not, our lizard brains play a large part in how potential customers interact with our websites.

When people are looking at your website and are trying to decide whether you can bene t them, let alone if they can trust you, their lizard brain is on re!

It’s ring o multiple, unconscious decisions every nanosecond.

This means that even before a potential customer consciously decides if you can help them with their needs, their lizard brain has already decided what will happen next.

My job is to make sure that your website makes their lizard brain feel safe and that it can trust you.

A great way to continue doing this once your copy is clear is to give your potential customer a clear, direct path of success to follow.

For example, I’m sure you’ve read articles from Inc. Magazine or Forbes Magazine that had a headline like, “7 Simple Steps to achieve (blank)”. That headline was telling your lizard brain that to achieve (blank), follow these “7 Simple Steps”.

Before your brain spends the energy to read that article, it knows what the outcome will be. You’ll get four steps to achieve whatever the article is about. Therefore, your lizard brain deems reading that article a non-threat to your survival, and is willing to expend a portion of the energy it needs for survival to read it because the bene t of reading it outweighs the energy cost.

There’s no danger to your survival as a human by reading this article. Your brain knows that upfront and is willing to move ahead.

That headline and article created a direct path of success for you to follow. You should be using paths like this on your website.
An example.
What’s the most frustrating part about selling a car?

That it takes up SO much time, right?

If you’re selling privately, you have to wash it, clean it, take pictures, write a description, get the CarFax, put it on Ebay or Craigslist, buy a For Sale sign, share it on Facebook, take calls from strangers at random times of the day, organize meeting them, trust that they aren’t crazy car thieves, on and on!

Even if you want to just sell it to a car dealer, it takes forever, and there is little guarantee that all that time and e ort will result with cash in your hand.

Right now, your lizard brain is saying, “Just keep the damn car!”

But, CarMax makes selling your car easy with three steps.

1)  Bring your car in
2)  Let them appraise it
3)  Get your o er

That was quick and easy!

When you read that your lizard brain is thinking, “Cool, let’s go to CarMax”, because they’ve created a 3 step path that highlights the main action points for you to easily follow to achieve not only your goal of selling your car, but their goal of buying your car.

Let’s break this down so you can apply it to your business.

CarMax will buy your car. That’s the service they are o ering you. (Insert your product or service)

How will they buy your car?
(Insert 3 - 5 steps potential customers need to take; from browser to buyer)

1)  Bring your car in
2)  Let them appraise it
3)  Get your o er

That’s it.

In three quick steps you can sell your car to them.

What would a direct path of success be for a more complicated product?

Say your company sells insurance; another product that people hesitate/hate purchasing.

What would a direct path to success be for a business owner to purchase employee bene ts for their company?

1)  Fill out a short inquiry form
2)  Select a day and time for an agent to come to your business
3)  Employees get their new policies mailed to their homes in two weeks

What we just did was take a seemingly complicated process like buying insurance for an entire company, and break it down it into three steps that create a clear path the business owner needs to take. We’ve also made it simple, highlighting each phase of the process from thinking about buying employee bene ts to employees getting their new policies. From browsing to buying.

This allows the business owner’s lizard brain to clearly understand how they’re able to complete a task that they thought would be challenging, frustrating, and time consuming.

It’s telling them exactly how to achieve their goal of getting insurance for their company that won’t be challenging, frustrating, or time consuming.

You can use direct paths of success for all of your individual product/service pages and on your homepage to highlight what potential customers need to do to achieve the outcome of purchasing your o ering.

No matter how complicated your product or service, you should be able to break down the purchasing process of a potential customer going from thinking about buying to actually purchasing from you in ve steps or less.






Take your number two or three selling product or service and on the sales page of your website, whether that’s a physical product, digital product or a service, give your potential customer three to ve steps for how to purchase your o ering.

Now, if you sell a luxury or lifestyle type of product, you can still use a direct path of success, but instead focus on the emotions that your customer will feel once they have that lamp in their living room, or bag to travel with.

For example

1)  Select Your Style
2)  Select Your Color
3)  Have everything for your next adventure in one bag

You’re half way there!
Read on to chapter three for more!

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