Digital Marketing for Food and Drink Companies in Bristol, UK

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Give Value Upfront

Did you now that, “approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy”?

That’s a lot of people!

Only 4% of people might actually buy something from you the rst time they visit your website.

I don’t like those odds.

So, what’s a company to do in order to make sure that the 96% come back and actually buy something?

The secret is in a lead generating PDF.

What the heck is a lead generating PDF?

It is a downloadable, PDF document that provides potential customers some sort of valuable information that relates to the products or services they are interested in purchasing from you.

For example, this PDF is telling you about the 4 essentials every small business website needs to get more customers and increase sales. What does my company do? We build websites for small businesses to help them get more customers and increase sales.

It is a direct relationship to how I can help your company.

I’m giving you the four most important things that your company’s website needs to get started attracting more customers and sales. And, I bet if you implement what I’m telling you in this PDF, you’ll start getting more customers and sales!

It is all about providing your potential customers real value that actually bene ts them up front, before they trust you enough to give you their hard-earned money.

How does it work?

Take a topic that relates to your o ering that if your potential customer learned about it, it would provide them some sort of value.

Now, your PDF shouldn’t read as a sales letter saying how amazing your product is, a tech or spec sheet about the amazing features of your product or how people can only have their needs satis ed and goals achieved if they buy your product.

Focus on providing value that people can utilize today, without your services or products.

For example, in Omaha, Nebraska there is a company called Carson Wealth. As you probably gured, they are a wealth management rm.

Now, wealth management is a service that can be di cult to understand, hard to implement into your nancial plan depending on your stage of life, and is something that many people put o doing something about.

It certainly is not a service that people would purchase the rst time they go to Carson Wealth’s website because it is complicated, personal, and can be expensive.

So, how does Carson Wealth open up a dialog with potential customers so that they can see how wealth management will bene t them, how they can implement it easily, and that Carson wealth really cares about them?

You got it! Lead generating PDFs.

Carson Wealth has several PDFs that pertain to di erent types of potential customers. Retirees, Millionaires, Entrepreneurs, Parents, people trying to save money.

That’s pretty speci c because each PDF relates to a particular type of service they sell.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur, but not a millionaire yet, so I’ll click on the PDF that is geared to making my rst million.

Not only does Carson Wealth have a PDF that particularly relates to my needs/interests, but it’s going to educate me, pertains to one of their o er- ings, and they also have clear copy that targets my emotions.

“Over 10.4 million people in the U.S. are millionaires. How are they doing it and how can you join the millionaire ranks? Get our step-by- step guide to focus on accumulating your first million.”

Becoming a millionaire to most people isn’t just about being “rich” it has emo- tional ties to their less than glamorous childhood, the journey of getting to that level in their career, and how it can change their life and the lives of their family members.

With the statement ...”How can you join the millionaire ranks” makes me think about what it will feel like when I am a millionaire and it makes me to want to nd out exactly how current millionaires got to where they are.

So, I enter my details into the boxes, click the button, and now I can download and read this PDF. But more importantly, Carson Wealth can now start emailing me marketing materials pertaining to helping me make my rst million, or they can call me and start a conversation with me about what I learned in the PDF and how they can help me implement what I learned.






You maybe thinking that you’ll have to hire a graphic designer and copywriter to put together a lead generating PDF for your company, right?

While it would certainly enhance the PDF and get you more leads, it is not a necessity at this point in time.

You can put together a lead generating PDF with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Simply write about a topic that pertains to your o ering and provides value to your potential customers.

Here are some di erent ideas of PDFs you could put together for potential customers to download.

• How to bake chocolate chip cookies
• How to change your car’s headlights
• 5 Steps to eating healthier 3 days per week
• How to look awless in any photo you’re in
• The 6 boxes you need to tick before hiring a general contractor
• 4 Steps to selling your car for more than it’s worth
• 10 ways to save money on your taxes every year
• 6 of the easiest ways to pack a rental truck
• How to increase your conversion rates by 57% with Facebook Ads

Now, setup a pop-up window or page on your website similar to what Carson Wealth has done.

It should include copy that plays to people’s emotions, a call to action that gets them to give you their email address, a way for you to collect that email address, and at submit button.

You then email them the link to download the PDF.

You can use a tool like Sumo’s List Builder to set all of this up and collect email addresses.

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