Crème de la Cocoa



Nils and Bailey, the founders, approached us with an idea, a raved about product, and a vision for the long-term.
Their vision is as a family owned business that they can pass down to their children one day.
From an evening sweet treat to desserts for the most important days of your life, Crème de la Cocoa is there for you. 


Each of the features, including the branding and website, work toward Nils' and Bailey's goals of becoming a sustainable, family-owned confectioner. 
Some added features to the site include an announcement bar where Bailey shares updates about the company.
It was wonderful for her to share the progress updates when Nils was on Food Network's Cake Wars: Christmas.
Another feature is an e-commerce store that is used for pre-ordering desserts during holiday seasons.
It is able to be taken down when not needed, and displayed front and center when it is.


21% increase in audience size
44.12% more visits from Google
59.34% boost in mobile use
10.6% more traffic from referrals
435% increase in online sales

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