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Tell People What To Do

Now that you have clear, concise copy that tells potential customers exactly what you do and how it bene ts them, you’ve created a direct path of success for them to easily follow, and you’ve created a lead generating PDF that provides them value, you need to get them to take action.

Otherwise, you’ve just wasted all this time & e ort and your customers will be confused.

See, as humans, we all think that we are independent and make our own decisions. The reality is, we’re all like toddlers that need to be told what to do, but want to feel like we make our own decisions.

Let me explain.

In Richard Thaler’s book, Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth & Happiness, he argues for the in uence of context in decision-making. His argument is that, “[people] can be greatly in uenced by small changes in the context”.

Essentially, we tend to make our choices based on the direct interaction with how things are presented in our environment (i.e. the context).

He uses the example of school cafeterias across multiple schools in which they placed di erent foods at di erent stages of the lunch lines to see if children chose foods that were closer to them, at eye level, and appearing rst. They tried di erent layouts such as putting desserts in a completely separate line and carrot sticks rst in the main line. The results were astonishing. Just by changing the layout of the same food they serve everyday, they were able to change the decision making habits of the children in some schools. The in uence of context altered food choices upwards of 25%.

Your website is no di erent.

As potential customers come to the end of your direct path of success, they need to be in uenced by context as to what they should do next.

How we achieve this is through direct and indirect calls to action.


Direct calls to action are used to tell potential customers how to achieve your end goal.

Phrases like...


They all tell potential customers exactly what to do next.

Without telling a potential customer exactly what to do next, they will get to the end of your direct path of success and be confused as to what to do. They may think, “I want to buy this” but, how will they without you showing them how and where to do so?

Where to use Direct Calls to Action?

Place direct calls to action on your homepage, in the main banner area, top navigation tabs, at the end of your direct path of success, and in your footer.

Good Energy uses Get A Quote as their direct call to action

Invision uses Get Started - Free Forever

Western Rise uses Shop Now as their direct call to action



Indirect calls to action are used to move your potential customer one step closer to purchasing your o ering.

If you remember me mentioning previously, 96% of website visitors don’t pur- chase the rst time on a website; so how do we move them one step closer to becoming customers instead of losing them forever?

Indirect calls to action often are phrases such as...


They are calling potential customers to take action without having them give anything up other than a few seconds or minutes of their time, or an email ad- dress or phone number. They aren’t spending any money or a large amount of time, so they have very little to lose by doing so.

Where to use Indirect Calls to Action?

You can use indirect calls to action right along side direct calls to action.

First Class Comms uses Our Services as their indirect and Get A Quote as their direct call to action


Looking at the screenshots above, look how the direct call to action “Get A Quote” is a bright, solid color button and next to it the indirect call to action is a faded color button. It visually is less of a priority to potential customers, but if they aren’t ready to get a quote, looking at this company’s services is the next step to move them toward purchasing.

You can also use indirect calls to action on other pages of your website like the about page, contact page, and blog posts to get potential customers
to download your lead generating PDF, subscribe to your email newsletter, watch your video, or read more about an o ering.

Invision simply uses a play icon as an indirect call to action to watch a video.

Western Rise uses a view details button on their products






Take a look at the calls to action that you are currently using on your website.

Are you utilizing both direct and indirect calls to action that are either calling your potential customers to achieve your goal (i.e. purchase your o ering) or take one step closer to achieving your goal (i.e. subscribing to your newsletter or learning more)?

If you don’t have direct and indirect calls to action in multiple, strategic places on your website like your homepage banner, your top menu navigation, in your footer, and at the end of your direct path of success, add them in.

And, if you want to see how potential customers are clicking your calls to action and around your website, easily install a tool like Sumo’s Heat Maps to your website and it will give you real time, visual analytics of exactly where people are clicking on your website.

Knowing this, you can experiment with influencing potential customer’s decision making by changing the context of where and what they click.



Now that you know what the four essentials that every small business website requires to get more customers and increase sales, implement the them on your website.

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