Hatchet Coffee



Hatchet Coffee was a brand new, small batch coffee roaster that had validation of an idea and a vision for a brand that becomes a community.
The problem was, how do we create and enact an effective marketing plan that grows the company in a unique way? 
Knowing that the business goal is to sell as much coffee as possible, we designed the site to do just that. 


When a user lands on the page there is a clear visual representation that helps to draw them in. 
In order to achieve the secondary goal of collecting email addresses, we installed SumoMe's Smart Bar.
A bar that sticks to the top of the website with an email address subscription bar.
We also positioned more email subscriptions bars at various locations throughout the site. 
We even designed the coffee bags.


100% increase in audience size
44.26% more visits from search engines
51.86% boost in mobile use
50.82% more traffic from referrals
434% increase in sales
300+ email subscribers before website launch

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