One Simple Marketing Tactic That Drives Sales


Question for you. Have you ever been on a website before and it was asking you to give them your information (personal or credit card), and you were really uncomfortable?

I have for sure! Then I closed the tab, cleared my history, and tried to find a different site that could help me and didn’t give me the creeps. It came down to me not trusting them enough to give them my money and information. And we don’t only do this online.

We go to the grocery store that we trust sells us the best products, treats us well, and the staff have smiling faces. We give our money to the doctor that we know is going to take care of us when we’re in pain. We go to our regular bar because the people know us there, and our favorite drink. The core of this is that people have to trust us before they will buy anything from us.

One simple marketing tactic that drives sales for companies because customers trust them is showing their credibility.

There are tons of ways to show potential customers that they can trust you, but one that I love is to simply use logos of other companies that have a larger, positive name and brand.

It is simply leveraging the success and power of a larger brand to show that, “yes, you can trust us.”

Three great examples of companies showing their credibility are Squarespace, Caterease, and Crème de la Cocoa.



When you go on Squarespace’s website, you’ll scroll down a bit and see a grid of logos including names like Target, Tony Hawk, and Wired.

One simple marketing tactic that drives sales_squarespace_Gigantic Group.png

What Squarespace is doing here is saying, “Target, Tony Hawk, and Wired think that we are good enough to power the websites of their massive organizations, why don’t you trust us with powering yours? We’ll give you a quality product and service, treat you right, and help your business grow.”



Caterease is a software product for caterers.

They show their credibility in a different way.

When you land on the Caterease site and start scrolling down, you see the logos of their well-known caterers who are using their platform. They are reassuring us that if their software platform works well for them, than it will work well for you.


Crème de la Cocoa

The last website I want to highlight is Crème de la Cocoa.

As a gourmet confectioner, they are leveraging the name and brand of Food Network.

In a very subtle place, we see the Food Network logo with the word “competitor” around it. This tells us that some how this company has worked with Food Network. In fact, Chef Nils Rowland, proprietor of Crème de la Cocoa, was on Food Network’s show, Cake Wars: Christmas. As potential customers, this tells us that if Chef Nils is good enough to be on Food Network, than we can trust that he is an excellent pastry chef.


All you have to do to show your credibility is to place the logo of a larger, more influential company that you have worked with on your website. People will start to subconsciously be reassured if they see that logo and know that you are a reputable business and do good work.

Pick one to three companies that you’ve worked with.

It could be a big name like Food Network, or if you are a local establishment, pick the logos of local companies that you’ve worked with that people in the community, trust and think of as reputable.

Then put those logos on your website with a few words like, “our clients include…”,  “We’ve had the pleasure of working with…”, or something to the effect of what Squarepsace has on their site, “From nationally recognized brands to your favorite local shops, Squarespace is trusted by many brands you know and love.”

If you do this on your website and in your other marketing materials, you will begin to establish trust with people because you are showing them your credibility. Which makes them much more likely to purchase your products and services.

Have you tired this? If so, tell me in the comments below how it helped your business.