Rustique Case Study



Rustique was a brand new restaurant in a more rural area that is less tech savvy than cities. We had to figure out how potential customers would use the site while working to achieve the company's business goals. Essentially, we had to create the entire digital aspect of the business from nothing.



Our first step in creating the Rustique site was understanding who would be using it the most. We found that the target market age is 50-75 years old, and mainly women would be the ones utilizing the website. We dove into the user experience (how a person uses the site) and user interface (how the site looks to the user) of the website.

We asked ourselves, how would our target market use this website? We know that the devices our target market uses most are iPhones and iPads, there for mobile responsiveness is critical. In addition, anywhere from 50%-80% of website traffic is on a mobile device; another reason for a mobile responsive site.



• Increase in audience size: 100%
• Increase in visits from search engines: 47.21%
• Increase in mobile use: 62.09%
• Increase in traffic from referral: 16.27%
• 1,010% increase in reservations