Digital Marketing for Food and Drink Companies in Bristol, UK


Let's grow your business... 

With clear sales copy, a new website, and marketing collateral that gets more customers and sales.


To fuel growth in the past, you probably tried all sorts of marketing tactics, like...


• Paying for Facebook ads

• Spending a TON of money on SEO

• Hiring a social media manager to "get more followers"

• Buying print ads cause "that's what you've always done"

• Booking a PR company, cause... PR, right?

Can you relate?


The thing is, you don't have to waste your time
& money trying all these marketing tactics.


Instead, you could...

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Clarify Your Sales
& Marketing Copy

Do potential customers read your sales copy and quickly understand exactly what you're selling?

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Get A Website With
A Strategy

Is your website bringing in as many leads & sales as you need to meet milestones?

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Have Marketing Collateral
That Converts

Is high cost advertising hindering you from reaching your next business goal?

  • They listened! Offering suggestions for improvement is always welcome, but giving me exactly what I'm asking for, but better, is refreshing.
    — Sandra
  • Our small business now has an equal seat at the table along side major retailers and internet competitors.
    — Brent
  • Gigantic Group took our site from pretty placeholder to high functioning sales tool, allowing our customers to shop online and providing instant access to detailed product information 24/7.
    — Autumn
  • They made it so easy for us. I loved that they filled in the obvious and then had me fill in the blanks on a few things.
    — Bailey
  • Their honesty regarding the previous website flaws and how they're able to improve it was assuring.
    — Laurie

How It Works



Schedule Your Call

I'll answer any & all questions you may have. Then we'll book you on the calendar. I only work with one client at a time, for personalized attention to all of your goals and needs.


Guided Preparation

You and your team will fill out a guided & detailed questionairre that will define your goals, pain points, branding, language, and target market.


It's Live!

Your new website, refined copy, and designed marketing collateral are live! Now you have a marketing system that's working for you 24/7, 365!

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I've helped many small businesses just like yours get their marketing on track quickly and effectively.

My clients have boasted about their websites increasing sales by 4x, email lists growing by 3x, and trusting me to help them time and again.

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What's my Investment?

How many people are browsing without buying?

How much is sitting on inventory costing you?
Did peak-season feel a lot like off-peak?
How many people inquire, but you never hear back?

Do you keep trying different ways of marketing, but nothing works?


Website Design, Copywriting,
Marketing Collateral

What You Get

  • Comprehenssive questionnaires about your business
  • Custom desktop & mobile responsive website
  • Clear website, marketing & sales copywriting
  • Lead generating marketing collateral
  • Email address capture/newsletter sign up
  • Essential search engine optimization
  • SSL website security
  • Unlimited bandwidth & pages
  • Social media integration & sharing
  • Marketing tool working 24/7, 365

Make your website an even more powerful marketing machine by adding...


Email Marketing
Automation Series

  • Custom email marketing sales funnel
  • Designed Mailchimp email template
  • Automated email list building


Facebook Ad
Creation & Management

  • Facebook ad creation
  • Monthly testing of different ads
  • Management & optimization of ads

$275 / month


  • Ensuring proper function on devices
  • Updating of content
  • Learn marketing tips & tricks

$120 / month


Wait! I've got some questions...

Great! Fire away!


My company's in the (insert) industry.
Will this work for us?

Absolutely! I've worked with clients in industries ranging from food & beverage to home finishings, creative services to construction. If you have any questions, schedule a call and we can chat about it further.

I'm trying to make the smartest investments possible...
And this is a lot of money!

On the money front, let me ask you one question. What would having a website and marketing system that is bringing in potential customers and sales 24/7, 365, do for your business?

As a web designer and marketer, I come along side of you to create a marketing system that actually works. You, like me, have probably spent a decent chunk of change in the past on marketing that doesn't work. I'm sorry that happened.

But, I'll tell you that in additon to helping my clients increase sales by 4x and grow email lists by 3x, my clients generally see a positive ROI in 2 - 3 months of us working together. When was the last time you actually made a measureable, positive ROI from any marketing activity you've tried in the past?

I've redesigned my website in the past and nothing happened.
How are you different?

You know those people that call themselves designers; they can make something look really beautiful, but it isn't functional at all? Yeah, I'm not one of those people!

Over the last 6+ years, I've studied how the best marketers & agencies in the world (think those who work for Facebook, YouTube, Toyota, Nike, Google, and others) approach marketing that actually gets results.

How I build a website starts from a psychological stand point of how people (your potential customers) interact with your business on and off-line, and what makes them tick to actually want buy what you're selling. Everything from the words you use, the imagery you show, and the environment in which people browse your offerings, goes into how I design a website that actually makes you money.

Because, if at the end of the day your website and marketing aren't making you money, what's the point?

How long will something like this take?

From start to finish, everything is done for you in four weeks. That's right! In four weeks, you'll have a website and marketing system that is actually working for you.

What platforms / CMSs do you use?

There are many website platforms, or CMSs (content management systems), out there. While some a good, others are better!

I use an incredibly powerful and adaptable platform called Squarespace to build all of my websites on. The reason is three-fold.

One, it is an all-in-one package when it comes to domain names, server hosting, and a development platform. This means that everything to make your wesite run perfectly lives together in the same home and they can work together with ease.

Two, Squarespace can scale with your business' growth. You could start with a single page website, and scale it to a completly integrated software platform, if you want. Companies like Wired Magazine, Target, Pixar, and Tony Hawk use Squarespace.

Three, the learning curve for you to go from technology novice to savant is minimal. Even if you just want to update a few pictures now and then, it's easy as pie and takes no time at all.

How do I update my website when the project's done?

There are two ways to update your new website once it's done.

One, is to let me handle all of the heavy lifting, and when you need to update images, copy, content, links, add/take off anything to the site, I'll get it done for you generally within 24-hours. This is what 70% of my clients do, simply because it saves them time and headaches. See the "Add-Ons" section above.

Two, if you're more technically inclined/love taking the time to learn new programs, you can manage the site on your own. You'll be the owner, so you'll have full access to the site. I'll give you an hour's traning on how various things on the site work, give you access to my "How To" Squarespace blog posts, and point you to the official Squarespace support tutorials which has everything you'll ever need to know about updating your site and working with the platform.

Will you keep doing SEO, making marketing collateral pieces, and updating my social media for me after the project?

Your new website comes with the essentials of SEO, copy that can be used in any of your marketing materials, and integration with your social media platforms.

If you want to really get the most out of your new website, I suggest you purchase our "Add-On" packages, depending on what you're after.

If you want a cohesive brand and the site to be constantly bringing in new leads and closing sales, you should get my "Email Marketing Automation Series" package.

If you're worried about how to attract more potential customers to your website, my "Facebook Ad Creation & Management" package is just the thing for you.

And, if you want to save your time for more important business things, purchase my "Website Maintenance" package.

Are you taking new clients?

I'm currently book clients for Q3 & Q4 of 2017 and Q1 & Q2 of 2018. I only work with one new client at a time, over a four week block, so be sure to schedule an inital 30 minute call with me to answer any questions and book your 4-week slot.

How do we get started?

Click the button below to schedule a call with me, fill out the form, pick a 30-minute time period on the calendar, and I'll call you at our scheduled time.

Gigantic Group Services How It Works Background-01.png